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Environment and Subsistence in Medieval Europe

AuteurDe Boe G. & Verhaeghe F. (Ed.)


SerieI. A. P. Rapporten




UitgeverInstituut voor het Archeologisch Patrimonium





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Filling the pots: What can or can't Environmental archaeology do for our Understanding of the Medieval World7-18
Morales Muñiz A.
Animals, economy and diet19-94
  • Size, power, wool and veal: zooarchaeological evidence for late medieval innovations (Albarella U.), pp. 19-30
  • L'importanza del bovino nell'europea occidentale medievale: allevamento, forza-lavoro, contributo alimentare (Giovannini F.), pp. 31-43
  • The zooarchaeological evidence for transhumance in medieval Spain (Moreno Garcia M.), pp. 45-54
  • Consumo carnico y comportamiento cornicero en la Asturias medieval: restos arqueofaunisticos de la Ciudad de Oviedo (Asturias España) (Adan Alvarez G. E.), pp. 55-65
  • Following the rule? Fish and Meat consumption in Monastic Communities in Flanders (Belgium) (Ervynck A.), pp. 67-81
  • Historical and archaeozoological data on water management and fishing during medieval and post-medieval times at Namur (Belgium) (Lentacker A., Van Neer W. & Plumier J.), pp. 83-94
Plants, economy and diet95-150
  • Mittelalterliche Kulturpflanzen aus der Schweiz und Liechtenstein: eine Übersicht der archäobotanischen Nachweise (Brombacher C., Jacomet S. & Kühn M.), pp. 95-111
  • Aspects of everyday life in the late medieval town of Laufen, Switzerland: An archaeological and archaeobotanical revieuw (Pfrommer J. & Karg S.), pp. 113-122
  • Réflexions sur l'agriculture au 10e siècle: le site de l'église Saint-Etienne à Mulhouse (F) (Lündstöm-Baudais K. Guild R.), pp. 123-133
  • Woodland management ant the supply of timber and underwood to Anglo-Norman Dublin (O'Sullivan A.), pp. 135-141
  • L'Esquerda. Ecology, Environment and Agricultural Productivity (Ollich I., Reynolds P. J., de Rocafiguera M. & Ocaña M.), pp. 143-150
Food and medieval environments151-201
  • Of Dates and Anthimus. Food and Medicine in Merovingian Gaul (Grant M.), pp. 151-154
  • Micromorphology and theMedieval Urban Environment: Examples from Ely and Peterborough, Cambridgeshire England (Milek K.), pp. 155-168
  • La micro-archéologie et la carpologie en contexte urbain médiéval métode et résultats: les sites archéologiques de Bruxelles, de 1992 à 1996 (Laurent C.), pp. 169-173
  • Remains of Mites (Acari) as palae-ecological indicators: dwelling mounds and medieval reclamations in The Netherlands (Schelvis J.), pp. 175-180
  • Recherches archéologiques sur l'environnement écologique du jardin médiéval du palais royal à Visegrad (Hongrie) (Paloczi-Horvath A.), pp. 181-186
  • Early medieval wells from Pfettrach, Bavaria: chronological, technological and palaeo-ecological implications of the discovery (Englehardt B., Herzig F., Kobylinski Z., Krasnodebski D. Kupryjanowicz M. & Michniewicz M.), pp. 187-194
  • Wood Hall Moated Manor Project (Metcalf V.), pp. 195-201
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