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Method and Theory in Historical Archaeology

AuteurDe Boe G. & Verhaeghe F. (eds)


SerieI. A. P. Rapporten




UitgeverInstituut voor het Archeologisch Patrimonium





Exemplaar16982 ReknummerT-12-2-f

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The Nature or medieval and later archaeology9-36
  • Orser C. : Expanding Historical Archaeology, pp. 9-13
  • Berglund B. : Historical Archaeology A Challenge for Archaeological Thought, pp. 15-21
  • Johnson M. H. : Medieval Archaeology: beyond Method and Theory, pp. 23-24
  • Josefson K. : In Search for a Medieval Spirit of Time, pp. 25-28
  • Lopez Carreira A. : Richesse archéologique: Source historique et Loisir culturel Le cas d'Ourense, Galice (Espagne), pp. 29-36
Confronting objects, images and texts37-54
  • Gaimster D. : Distant voices, still-lifes". Late medieval religious panel painting as a context for archaeological ceramics, pp. 37-46
  • Del Lungo S. : La toponomastica come fonte documentaria per lo studio del Medioevo, pp. 47-50
  • Bazelmans J. : One for all, all for one. The Old English Beowulf and the ritual and cosmological Character of teh Relationship between Lord and Warrior-follower in germanic Societies, pp. 51-53
Spatial Analyses55-80
  • Orton C. : Inertia as a measure of inter-assemblage variability: some applications in the study of spatial differentiation within medieval towns, pp. 55-64
  • Harvey D. : Aspects of Early Rural Settlement in West Cornwall, UK. Some indications from Later Records, pp. 65-80
  • Dobney K., Kenward H. & Roskams S. : All mixed up but somewhere to go? Confronting residuality in bioarchaeology, pp. 81-88
  • Van Strydonck M. J. Y. : Radiocarbon dating and Medieval Europe, pp. 89-101
  • Ringbom A. : The Churches of the Asland Islands and 14c dating of Mortar, pp. 103-112
  • Oberlin C., Demians d'Archimbaud G. & Evin J. : Application de la méthode de datation par le radiocarbone à l'étude des nécropoles médiévales, pp. 113-122
  • Castro F., Oliveira P. & Fernandes I. M. : Development of a methodology for the estimation of the provenance of archaeological ceramics, pp. 123-125
  • Chevrier V. : Au fil des charpentes du Bassin Parisien ou promenade dans les combles de divers édifices religieux (12-18e s.), pp. 127-136
  • Bernard V. : Bassin Parisien 8" un référentiel dendrochronologique pour le Nord de la France (5e-18e s.), pp. 137-138
Special Subjects139-190
  • Ager B. : Recent re-discoveies in the Continental Early Medieval Collections of the British Museum, pp. 139-144
  • Brown D. H., Chalmers A. & MacNamara A. : Light and the Culture of Colour in Medieval Pottery, pp. 145-147
  • Trzcinski M. : Première réflexion à propos d'archéologie judiciaire dans le territoire de Basse-Silesie, pp. 149-156
  • Verslype L. : Les bassins scaldien et mosan durant la période mérovingienne. Bilans et perspectives, pp. 157-163
  • Sorensen P. : Jutes in Kent? Considerations on the Problem of Ethnicity in Southern Scandinavia and Kent in the Migration Period, pp. 165-173
  • Courtney P. : After Postan: Early medieval archaeology and the growth of commerce before the Black Death, pp. 175-180
  • Grenville J. : Artisans and urban elites, pp. 181-182
  • Makarov N. & Buzhilova A. : The Northern periphery of Russia: archaeological and anthropological evidence of medieval colonization, pp. 183-190
  • Thomasson J. : Private Life Made Public. Aspects of the Emergence of the Burghers in Medieval Denmark, pp. 209-225
Building archaeology, conservation and public archaeology191-208
  • d'Aujourd'hui R. : Stadtarchäologie im Dialog mit der Öffentlichkeit: Präsentation archäologischer Befunde im öffentlichen Raum, Beispiele aus Basel, pp. 191-198
  • Redi F. : Metodologie e tecniche per una diagnostica preventiva non invadente e per una opzione preliminare sulle strategie d'intervento in meteria di restauro edilizio e di scavo archeologico: applicazione del, pp. 199-208
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